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School Services

Transitioning into a less-intrusive academic environment can be an exciting but difficult step towards independence. At FSI we have learned how best to work with school teams, including working directly with teachers, staff members and administrative teams. We offer a friendly approach to teacher and staff training, and understand the distinct challenges of working with a child in a group setting.


Mentoring Services

We offer mentoring services to qualified special needs teachers, psychologists, early childhood teachers and regular teachers. Mentoring involves working closely with the specialist, attending assessment and intervention sessions and taking part in research and community services. the mentoring sessions are aimed at promoting and instilling good work ethics and work experience.


School Observation and Evaluation

On request, we can visit schools to assess the quality of their resources, how they are supporting learners with diverse needs and suggest ways of improving on their teaching methods, curriculum and content differentiation to meet the needs of the learners and help them source for appropriate teaching materials locally and internationally. School observation and evaluation entails assessing the physical facilities, teaching/learning resources, student teacher interaction, teaching methods, learning styles of pupils and class/school organization.


School Consultancy

School consultancy entails developing a long term relationship with the school to be offering advisory services on issues like pupil/student behavior issues, curriculum approaches, parent & teacher training and referrals where necessary. 


Supporting Inclusion

We evaluate learner’s needs and learning styles and make recommendation on the most appropriate way of educating them in an inclusive set up. For inclusive society to be achieved, children must learn together! We help schools and parents to respond well to the learning needs of learners with diverse needs. Inclusive education is not just admitting children with special needs in regular classrooms, but their learning needs must be met and they must fully participate n learning. To achieve inclusive education, we prepare teachers, parents, typical and special needs children to accept and accommodate each other.

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