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Developmental & Educational Evaluation

Developmental Evaluation
This is an observational evaluation done to establish developmental needs of children. Most children who exhibit hyperactivity, short attention span, speech and language difficulties, physical and movement challenges and sensory processing difficulty may benefit from this evaluation. The result of the evaluation is used to develop early intervention programme which may involve therapies, diet and supplementation, training in deficit skills etc. To achieve this, we work closely with parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists.

Educational Evaluation
This is done to find out the challenges a learner is experiencing and recommend appropriate intervention that meets the learning style of the individual. Educational evaluation entails assessing the processing ability, learning styles, comprehension, spelling, numeracy skills, reasoning ability, problem solving, memory (visual and auditory), motor coordination, attention span, activity level and social understanding among others. Children who are branded as slow learners, very active, those with autism tendencies and those who struggle with following instructions, verbal reasoning and social interaction may benefit from this.

Vocational Evaluation and support
Vocational evaluation helps to establish the strengths of a young adult in regards to prevocational and vocational skills. It involves assessing social and living skills, cognitive abilities, motor coordination and pairing the results with the individual’s vocational interests. It extends to vocational counseling, supporting trainers, helping the individual to make the right decision and ‘fit-in’ a particular career. Since we do not offer vocational training, we give appropriate referral.  

Biocellular Analysis
This is the analysis of biochemistry of an individual to find out if there are imbalances that may trigger behaviour issues, learning problems, hyperactivity, inattention, nervous irritation, problem with information processing, Gastro Intestinal Issues etc. This is a comprehensive test involving testing urine and saliva. Children with autism spectrum disorders, Hyperactivity, processing issues, irritability etc may benefit from the test. Most allergies, behavior and emotional problems, learning needs, sensory processing deficits, mood swings and memory problems tend to occur due to biological imbalances. Balancing an individual’s body chemistry through proper dieting and nutrition may improve the quality of life, balance behaviours and emotions and improve development and learning.
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